Towelroot Alternatives For Android You Shouldn’t Miss 2019

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The finest app to root your Android device is the Towelroot app. You can root it without any trouble. It is a compact APK file that takes only one megabyte space on your phone. You don’t need to worry about the storage issue. With just a one simple click you can root your device, that much how easy it is to use the Towelroot app.

The Towelroot app was founded by a famous hacker called Geohot. The Towelroot apps are built by the hacker to root most of the phones but some of them cannot be rooted. In these cases you may need an alternative app that will be useful to root your phone. So here are the alternative apps for people who are searching for the best root apps that are similar to Towelroot. But make sure the app will suit you and then try it. You will certainly find the app that will assist you to root your phone.

Towelroot Alternative Rooting Apps For Android 2019

Kingo Root

This is the first app on our list because it has the ability to support multiple devices like HTC devices, Motorola, the Samsung phones, LG mobiles and Sony.  Kingo Root offers one-click rooting function. You can simply download it and install to connect the device. You can root it with just a click. You have to use the PC for installation purposes. It is easily downloadable in a windows machine.



The second root app is the Magisk. The most important features of the Magisk are

  • It is easy to build and has an open source.
  • You can easily perform any system modification without any damage to your system.
  • The root is based on the phh Superuser that relies on CM Superuser.
  • The MagiskSU root permits you to download and install Magisk in-app. You will be able to easily manage, download, upgrade, install with the help of Magisk modules.



It sounds similar to kingo root but it is quite different. It will speed up your Android phone and will help to enhance your battery life. It will remove the disturbances of the ads in the apps present in your mobile. You can perform full customization of your phone and can have data backups. There is also the function to remove the Bloatware from the device. This app can be used in Windows and Android.



If the Towelroot is not the one for you there is the app called iRoot that will assist you to root the phone. This is a one-click root app that will enable you to root your phone in a jiffy. It supports the devices like Android 2.2 Froyo to the Android Lollipop. They have an out-and-out page in their website that will help you to give them feedback. You can access them if you have trouble rooting the phone.

You don’t need a Pc or a Laptop to download the device because all the functions can be done with the smartphone. You can root your PC also with this app if you need to root it.


Root Master

It is a great rooting device for your smart phone. You can easily download the APK and install it in your device. When you open the app you will first see your device name and your Android version along with the root status. Continue by clicking the start button. It will take some time to root the device according to the device ability.

You should not turn off the device when the rooting process is going on. After the rooting process, download the root manager that you prefer. You will be able to fully customize the device from this moment onwards. Consider using the Root Master if you are rooting your mobile for the first time.



This app is a great alternative to the Towelroot app because the user will certainly thank it for the speed and ease it offers. It is placed among the list of best one-click apps. It is free and will aid you to root the Android device conveniently without the trouble of flashing the third party. You will able to remove the sim lock in the phones like Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.



If you are using the phones like Android Froyo or the Android Lollipop this root app will help the device to root easily. This app doesn’t allow the ads to pop up in the screen. So you can have a free and easy to use mobile with the help of this app.


Root Genius

This root app supports ten thousand plus android devices and you can manage it with the various tools it offers. Using this app is like a piece of cake because it is that much easy and simple to use. So use this app to root your mobile.


These are the root apps that can be used as the alternatives for the Towelroot app. These apps consist of functions and tools that you might like. Therefore use these alternatives if Towelroot is not the one for you.

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