Best File Manager Apps For Android 2019

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The file managers are an important app for the functioning of the Android phones. With the help of the file managers, you can manage the files and documents on your phone. You can move the files and search for them. If you are looking for the best file managers for the android here is the list of them. Also read, towelroot alternatives.

Best File Manager Apps For Android 2019

The file manager is not just a name that is dull but rather an amazing app that has got many functions. It has got cloud features, NAS support a lot more.

You will be able to browse the apps you have installed and also the music and videos. This app is free without any in-app purchases which locks some of the important functions.

This file explorer has the basic features of the file manager. It included functions like the media, files, network storage support, and multi-window support. You will be able to get a text editor. This app has got no ads and it does not track the devices.

This is another new explorer. It is a preferable app for people who like simple functions. It has the interface which has the material design. There is a copy, paste, delete, and SD card support and also root access. The app supports twenty languages and has a gallery, music player and built-in text editor.

  • Explorer/ root explorer

It has been the favourite of the many users for a long period. It will get frequent updates. The app does not look modern however the updates are bringing new interface, stability, features etc. You can get unstoppable root access with the phone.

The tools available are APK binary XML viewer. It also has the ability to modify the file owners group and MD5 support. The free version of the app is called as simply explorer. If you want to have the non-root version you can use the explorer.

It is one of the most powerful apps in the android. It has got all the features that are expected in a file manager. It includes the network storage support, bookmarks, plugin support, cloud storage support etc.

Because of these features, it is becoming the favourite of many. This app is fully free and it does not need root. There are no problems with ads in-between. So use this app to get the ultimate functions.

This app has got many unique options. It has the forced dual pane app which means that you can handle two windows every time. This is easy if you are going to copy and paste files from one location to another.

It comes with many files like cloud storage, network storage, built in hex support, root support etc. You will be able to see the apk ZIP files if you use them. This app is very good even though the design looks old.

Use these splendid file managers’ to get the ultimate benefit. These apps will keep your phone organised.

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